Nov. 21 Broadacres Forum

Save Thursday, Nov. 21, from 6:30-9 p.m. for a discussion of Broadacres Farm. The whole property (including the 20-acre field dedicated for conservation and the 9-acre parcel reserved for recreation) will be up for discussion, but the 4-acre parcel where the farmhouse and indoor riding arena are now has no designated use – anything could go there. What does go there will depend on which groups speak out the loudest.

To paraphrase one neighbor: “It’s important to get this residents thinking about what Broadacres could be in advance of the town forum. The existing adjacency to schools, parks and the future rail trail provides the town with the opportunity for broad public benefits by extending and connecting those services.” … so true.

We expect some will attend to advocate for affordable housing. Others might want DPW equipment storage there. The 4-acre parcel could be used to support the expansion of the Featherland Park recreational facilities.

What would YOU want to see?

  • A connected trail system?
  • A playground for younger siblings of kids playing at Featherland Park?
  • A splash pad?
  • A picnic area?
  • A kiosk and rest stop with information on the history of the site?
  • To simply maintain the agrarian character of the property?

Come to learn, discuss, and share your thoughts!

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