Historical Survey Report for Broadacres Farm

Did you know that the Massachusetts Historical Commission (MHC) completed a report on Broadacres Farm? See attached file below.

The farmhouse at Broadacres Farm (also called Haynes Farm, or Maenpaa Farm), apparently dates back to around 1920. MHC describes its overall condition as “Fair to Good in terms of retention of historic fabric.”

Locations that provide a “senses of place” like Broadacres Farm are endangered. When we lose them, the historic fabric unravels. Frost Farm and Stone Tavern Farm will be demolished soon, and with them part of Sudbury’s historic nature. What will happen at Broadacres?

The site combines more than a quarter mile of scenic farm and pasture land, a location on Morse Road — designated as a Scenic Road by Town Meeting based on its scenic beauty, stone walls, age and historic significance, and presence of historic sites and buildings — and a listing as a Critical Concern in the state‚Äôs Heritage Landscape Inventory.

As the MHC report states, “Broadacres Farm retains its rural setting with buildings close to the road, pasture land along both side of Morse Road, and wooded areas along the edges of the pasture land.”

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