Broadacres Farm charrette recap

For anyone who couldn’t make it, the Broadacres Charrette was a fun experience. The charrette included:

  • Overview presentation by the consultants moderating the forum, Wright Ostermier Landscape Architects (
  • Presentation by the Sudbury Narwhals student group
  • Two writing exercises, in which attendees were asked questions, they wrote down responses, and the response cards were collected at the end of the meeting
  • A “where does it go?” “dot vote” exercise in which a large poster of each of the three parcels was displayed, and attendees were given stickers with particular uses on each sticker (e.g., walking trails, picnic areas, conservation, bird watching, etc.), and attendees could place the stickers on the parcel maps to show what uses they wanted, where. There were particular sticker sets for each of the three parcels.
  • A “what does it look like” “bean vote” exercise in which each attendee was given a set of three beans, each representing first choice, second choice, third choice, and jars were placed next to images of various options within several categories. For example, the playground category had a variety of options presented for different types of playgrounds, from classic metal or timber playgrounds, to more naturalistic boulder/tree trunk type playgrounds. Each attendee used the beans to vote for their preferences within each category.

A report summarizing the opinions of charrette attendees is expected at the end of January.

You can watch the charrette here:

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