Protecting Sudbury

Hi folks,

Protect Sudbury is a separate group from Friends of Broadacres, dealing with a different issue. But many of PS’s concerns about Eversource’s proposal for a high-voltage power line down the MBTA line that cuts through multiple conservation lands (Hopbrook Marsh, Memorial Forest, Desert Conservation Land, Assabet National Wildlife Refuge) overlap with the concerns that drove Sudbury residents to preserve Broadacres.  

We’ve heard some residents wonder about how much longer this issue might drag on, or how much more money and effort it might cost. The answer is: Protect Sudbury is in the home stretch of its fight. A final decision from the state EFSB (Energy Facilities Siting Board) is pending, which will be followed by a final appeal to the state’s Supreme Judicial Court. The SJC is as high as a legal battle can go in the state, and is probably the place where Sudbury’s concerns will get the fairest response.

Our view is that the time and money spent to date is made more valuable by finishing strong. Backing off now won’t get us back the time and money invested to date, backing off will only decrease the value of those investments. Finishing strong will make the time, effort, and money invested to date more valuable. But Protect Sudbury needs help to for the final push; funding for the final legal appeal. Details are available on the Protect Sudbury website, or a quick update on the current status is available here

The ways people can support Protect Sudbury:

  • Attend the Dec. 17 EFSB hearing
  • Donate to Protect Sudbury to fund efforts to appeal to the Supreme Judicial Court
  • Continue supporting the fight against Eversource at town votes.

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