Broadacres Farm Survey Results

In case you missed it, the Town of Sudbury sponsored a FlashVote for Broadacres Farm. It will be interesting to see how closely the FlashVote results do (or do not) align with the charrette results. The Flashvote had 787 participants. It asked five questions:

  1. At the October 2018 Special Town Meeting and ballot in November 2018, the Town voted to buy the 34-acre farm at 82 Morse Road known as Broadacres Farm. The purchase was completed on July 11, 2019. Prior to reading this, what best describes what you knew about Broadacres Farm?
  2. Broadacres Farm is a former 34-acre horse farm with stables, pastures, an indoor arena, and riding fields located on both sides of scenic Morse Road. Below are possible RECREATIONAL uses for the property. Which of the following would you most like to see? (You can choose up to FOUR
  3. Which of the following general uses are most important to you? (You can choose up to TWO)
  4. How much would you be willing to spend to add amenities to the property?
  5. Any other comments or suggestions about the Broadacres Farm property?

Pretty overwhelming consensus: more than three-quarters of respondents were familiar with Broadacres Farm, and across the questions and comments there was a strong agreement around spending minimally to add walking trails for enjoyment of the natural beauty of the space, and not doing much else. Some other ideas, such as adding community gardens there, a small farm stand, or restoring its use as a horse farm are interesting. But these ideas would be a challenge to implement, and probably aren’t very realistic at the moment, given such little interest in spending more on any kind of development at the site.

You can see the results of the FlashVote at the link, or in the snapshots below:

If you’re a Sudbury resident and haven’t already signed up for FlashVote, you should. These surveys generally take just a minute or two, come out once or twice per year, and give residents a voice in the major issues in town. It’s a very useful tool. Sign up here:

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