Why Save Broadacres?

IMG_7336Conservation Reasons

  • Abuts the existing 48-acre, town-owned Wake Robin Woods Conservation Land, which contains a large wetland area, and currently has no convenient public access.
  • Contains vernal pools.
  • Acts as a central “puzzle piece” for approximately 200 acres of town-owned land, from Nixon School to Hudson Road.
  • Hosts rare species and species that require large tracts of undeveloped land.
  • Ecosystem services:
    • Protection of public and private water supply
    • Protection of groundwater supply
    • Flood control
    • Stormwater management
    • Pollution prevention
    • Wildlife habitat preservation/biodiversity
    • Protection of clean air

IMG_7326Historic Reasons

  • Per a town bylaw adopted at Town Meeting in 2003, Morse Road has been designated as a Scenic Road, based on its scenic beauty, stone walls, age and historic significance, and/or presence of historic sites and buildings.
  • Broadacres Farm was shown on the homepage of the town website for several years as an “iconic” image of Sudbury. It is “postcard pretty.”
  • Listed as a Critical Concern in the state’s Heritage Landscape Inventory.

IMG_7289Recreational Reasons

  • Adjacent to the proposed Bruce Freeman Rail Trail corridor.
  • Adjacent to Featherland Park athletic fields, and could expand the size of Featherland by 30 percent.
  • Potential re-use of the existing indoor riding barn.
  • Hiking.
  • Sledding Hill.
  • Snowshoeing / cross country skiing.


Public Access Reasons

  • 2,500 cars pass by every day (per 2017 BFRT traffic counts).
  • Nixon Elementary School students walk past Broad Acres on their way to school.
  • Large roadway frontage (1,375 feet) makes it highly visible and inviting to the public.
  • Proximate to Nixon Elementary School (outdoor classroom potential).
  • Proximate to Featherland Park athletic fields (opportunities for picnics for athletes and families pre- or post-game).